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About the Southern Indian Department:

His Majesty's Southern Department of Loyal Indian Allies is a historical re-enactment organization dedicated to the portrayal of the active period of the British Southern Indian Department in the Colonies-roughly from the middle of the 18th century through the Revolutionary War (American War for Independence). Members of this group portray Southeastern Native people, His Majesty's Indian Department Officers and Employees, Loyalist Rangers and Crown Troops detached in direct support of the Indian Department.

Our portrayal of the Southern Indian Department brings together reenactors portraying both whites and natives to allow a more accurate portrayal of the time period at living history demonstrations, military and civilian historical reenactments, and through public and private exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, and roundtable discussions.  To accomplish this, we help our members grow by sharing research, organizing group events and mentoring of new members.

We are actively seeking new members, both individuals and families, who wish to take on a persona within the bounds of our portrayals.  Please see the Membership page for additional information. 

For additional information, please contact us via email at: NOSPAMsouthernindiandept@gmail.com. (Remove NOSPAM from address before sending.


2011 Calendar updated!


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